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  Architetto Mauro Monti

Mauro Monti was born in 1980 in Como and grew up in the small city of Misinto, located north of Milan.

He became very interested in design and technique subjects throughout the compulsory school.

During his teen-aged phase, in his spare moments, he has the luck to attend some technical offices, where he learnt the pleasure for the design and the practical and charming aspects of the site building.

For his nature, the arts high school with architectural orientation immediately appeared the most suitable school.

In 1982 he joined the faculty of architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan and contextually he started carrying out a series of apprenticeships, which kept him busy across the board in different structures for some years: from technical and architectural firms to companies belonging to the furniture branch in the “contract” division for home interior design.

His first important site experience occurred in 2004 when, on behalf of a renovation studio, he was called to reveal and sketch again the geometrical drawing of the vault situated in the throne room of the Royal Palace in Milan.

In 2006 he started working by the technical office of his father, who's a surveyor.

In the same year, while he was already working on the renovation and minor architecture projects linked to the territory, he managed to obtain the graduation in civil architecture.

After these experiences, in 2007 he developed his first important project regarding the residential field and, at the end of that year, he succeeded in achieving successfully the state certification exam.

In 2008 he joined the Landscape Planners Architects and Custodians Professional Association belonging to the district of Monza and Brianza. This step will make him become a freelance professional.

All this is followed by a series of projects both aimed to the property renovation and to the new construction, especially for the house environment.

The residence rural topic, including the interior design part, became for him a “mission” to reach using a univocal vision.

From 2009 Mauro Monti is a member of the Building Commission in the district of Misinto.

His creativity expanded spontaneously through the planning way regarding the volumetric delimitation, neighbouring with the territory and his most beloved subject: the wall, an element seen as the only limit consequently withdrawn inside space.

After years of enrolment in an association of Architects, Engineers and Surveyor in the high Milan zone, he became initially a counsellor and in 2012 he got the Vice President position.

Monti began to be more interested in architectural and functional projects, such as “the staircase”, “the step”.Connections between floors gained various formal aspects with different materiality, a new method for organizing space inside and outside the building, through iron job or reinforced concrete with a handmade character, developed for every single intervention.

As a result a new passion, connected to the creation of something unique and beautiful inescapable from functional aspect, arises in Monti's mind.

In December 2013 he won the election as counsellor for the Landscape Planners Architects and Custodians Association belonging to the district of Monza and Brianza.

The architectural products realized up to now represent a growing statement of the continuous research on the formal aspect and the minimal art compatible with the place, interchanging small operations with more remarkable projects.

Geometra Carlo Pietro Monti
Monti Carlo Pietro was born in 1948 in Misinto, a small city located north of Milan.

Throughout his compulsory school he attended, in the evening hours and during his holidays, the local school of design with “ornate” address, aimed to the future wood carvers, an artisan activity popular in that zone at that times.
Before his high school period he attended the building sites, learning simple planning experiences by local construction companies, where he assimilated the concept of theory and practice.

In 1967 he obtained the diploma as surveyor in the Technical Institute Carlo Cattaneo situated in Milan.

From 1967 to 1968, thanks to the previous experience, he had been hired as site assistant by a construction company placed in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan), which used to work for medium extent building sites in the south Milan suburbs. 

In this specific setting, through the direct relationship with the world of work and the piece work  he matured the human and technical experience.

In 1968 he enrolled at the Surveyors Association of the Province of Milan and he started his private practice activity.
This one led him to develop as his main orientation the planning and the construction management of civil works, such as single-family villas, enlargements, handmade laboratories and small industries, cadastral work for surveys, splittings up, real estatings, notary deeds for splits and successions.

From 1976 to 1980 he started his civic experience becoming a council member for the public works and the private building in the Municipal Administration of Misinto.

In the territorial field, he continued his private practice with projects for multifamily and industrial buildings and for small residential allotments.

Other public works projects he had been involved as surveyor: drainage system, streets, road junctions, places of worships such as the expansion of the cemetery of Misinto.

During the 90s he felt the need to communicate, from the cultural point of view, with colleagues and architects/engineers of the area; so he established, with other freelancers, the “Interprofessional Surveyors, Architects, Engineers Club of the High Milanese”, legally legitimate, still active and located in Cesano Maderno. Monti has also been the president of this association.

Other planning experiences in the funerary building, like chapels, family tombs with sculptures, bas reliefs.

During these years of private practice, he attended refresher courses about the security in the building sites and other courses for acoustics, cadastre, energetic containment, ecc.
From 2006 he is a real expert in the field of landscape environmental protection.

Currently, he is still working as self-employed, dealing with civil planning and correlated competences like: technical advices, reports, successions, evaluations, fractionation and stacking properties.