Last realizations

Residence "XX September"
Situated in the funded zone of the nucleus of the town, the structure is set orthogonally compared to the surrounding building, recalling through a modern vision some typical elements of the inner city. Read >
Residence "G.P. Clerici"
The project describes the development of the building, initially thinking about the excellent orientation and secondly about the visual impact which undertakes joining the B road. Read >
Residence "Cavour"
The project had the target to realize a building suitable to be insert respectfully in the nearby, all the while coherent with the modern architectural regulations and the surrounding composition. Read >
Residence "Via del Fontanile" (east lot)
The second intervention in Fontanile street in Misinto regards the realization of the building set as the last one of the housing development lotting out, situated at the east side of the building previously planned. Read >
Residence "Via del Fontanile" (west lot)
This housing development represents the first project signed by Mauro Monti who, at that time, was newly graduated as architect. Read >