2008 / Residence "Via del Fontanile" (east lot)

The second intervention in Fontanile street in Misinto regards the realization of the building set as the last one of the housing development lotting out, situated at the east side of the building previously planned.

On the formally squared area we initially realized the parking zone, located at south with a direct access to Via del Fontanile, and later the building used as dwelling.

After having verified that the edifice had to be built between two filled parcels, we chose to give a symmetrical setting, as well as continuity and closure, to the interested lotting out floor.

The construction shows itself making the frontage emerge from the height and length point of view compared to the two lateral parts set at east and west.

These ones remain proportionally and in a balanced way at a lower height, showing part of the traditional ridge roof.

The building central volume is accentuated by a “windy” architrave, which overcomes the balcony at the second floor.

The architectural element is sustained by pilasters, deep as well as the architrave height, and they are made of materials different from the rest of the building.

The wide balconies of the first and second floor scan the façade horizontally, crossing themselves with the pilasters previously mentioned.

At north, the central part of the edifice is composed by a stone - coated blade, which defines the stairwell volume in a well - defined and rational way.

A transparent concrete - framed glass block wall (set at the basement) and an inner yard (set upholstery) illuminate the stairwell through an upward light, accentuating its prestige.