2006 / Residence "Via del Fontanile" (west lot)

This housing development represents the first project signed by Mauro Monti who, at that time, was newly graduated as architect.

It is located at north of Misinto, higher than the historical core from the altimetry point of view, and it develops itself along the east - west plank in a narrow parcel with 2000 mc employable.

The planning idea was immediately clear:

giving to the building a perspective impact few affecting, volumetrically light and, meanwhile, visually permeable.

Than, we proceeded to separate the installing volume into two specular apartment blocks, creating a wide visual telescope between them.

It grew for the first time the planning necessity to shape the maximum obstructions through the use of architectural elements like architraves and pilasters.

The purpose was to draw inside the space some parallelepipeds, managing to determine them rationally; later, we worked on the full and empty spaces volumes, giving permeability and profundity to the building.

This visually perceptible choice is accentuated by the differences of the materials applied to the surfaces.

The use of the stone on the architraves and on the pilasters represents a sort of “rough peel” of the edifice, while the backgrounds conceptually represent the “gut” side.

As a consequence, the facing and the white coating markedly rough out the the volumes located in background and emphasize the contrast between the sides.

The working projects regarding outer fencings, pedestrian entrances, crystal canopies with still tie beams are a combination of elements set to accentuate the horizontality sense to the installation and to underline once again the permeability and lightness perception.