2009 / Residence "Cavour"

This housing estate rises up with 12 housing units in a calm residential zone already urbanized, at the historical core edge in the centre of Misinto.

The project had the target to realize a building suitable to be insert respectfully in the nearby, all the while coherent with the modern architectural regulations and the surrounding composition.

The building is made of 4 big volumes which articulate all the structure. All the project started from the rectangular planning of the parcel and through some alignments of the estate.

The building is mostly split in two macro specular and mirrored parts along the east-west plank. They contains two wide stairwells set to give importance and value to the house.

From the big roof windows, light flows fall into the stairwells until the basement, while generously articulated stairs let unusual views on the lower levels.

The intersection between the main volumes creates a harmonious whole of the shapes; these ones are characterized by heights, lengths  and depths, all modular between them.

The maximum obstruct is delimited by architraves and pilasters lined with stones, identifying a rougher outer peel.

During the night phase, upward highlight beams placed on the floor and other luminous sources emphasize full and empty spaces of an architecture which unlikely fatigue the observant.

The ridge roof, made of brick and cement, and the brown Portuguese roof tiles coat integrate the building to the steady urban context.