2011 / Residence "G.P. Clerici"

The place of the construction is the village of Gerenzano, in an off - centre area situated at east of the historical core.
The plot, with a flat structure, is shown as a regular geometrical figure, ascribable to a rectangle with the minor sides oriented towards north - south, parallel to the Varesina B road.
The project describes the development of the building, initially thinking about the excellent orientation and secondly about the visual impact which undertakes joining the B road.

Realized for a residential scope, the project expects first of all the continuation of the access road to the parcel, with all the primary urbanizations (light, gas, phone, drainage system) toward the north side of the plot, in order to clear the pedestrian and driveway accesses from the neighbouring parcels.

The intervention consists of the realization of an apartment block of three floors and a detached house, adjacent to this one, set at north.
The project, developed on the north/south plank of the plot, lets a great distributive functionality as well as a perfect orientation to all the eleven housing units.

From the architectural point of view, the “mission” has been difficult:
  • exploiting as best as we could the scarce width of the plot,
  • offering a good orientation and privacy to all the apartments,
  • ridding all the units through a unique stairwell.
By a misaligning of macro zones in respect to the main plank we acquired a cogent system, spaced out by volumetric perspectives, which emphasize the game of full and empty spaces.
In order to donate a permeate effect and depth, we decided to give prominence to the balconies juts of the first, second and third floor.

These ones, filled by false front in reinforced concrete with a curved and stretched effect, lead the eye towards an unusual visual depth.