2013 / Residence "XX September"

Situated in the funded zone of the nucleus of the town, the structure is set orthogonally compared to the surrounding building, recalling through a modern vision some typical elements of the inner city.
The circumscribed building area leaves to the architect few free interpretation about the building map, so he decides to put the stairwell volume on the west side, guiding the seven housing units clockwise, from north to south.
The walls, covered by Lombard antiqued facing brick, delimit the building bringing the observant back to the past materials; façade winds detach themselves primly like a second skin from the structure, creating a lined balcony on the first and second floor.
Wide flower boxes of various dimensions, realized “in set up” on the terraces, let the placement of tall trees and essences of different entities in the research of a visual continuity with the bordering gardens and the Burghè park.
A double pedestrian access lets a better usability of the building, also in virtue of the overlooking cycling lane which leads to the station and the close parks, while a discrete good inward is situated in the north alley.
During the night times, beams of upward lights and recessed led spotlights intensify the articulate building architecture, offering it importance in the refined little town of Rovellasca.