2016 / Residence "Il Fontanile" /UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The residence is situated next to the Groane Park in the lively town of Misinto, located in the famous zone called Brianza, easily reachable from the main arterial roads like the Milano-Meda highway and through connections with the Pedemontana motorway.
The residence offers the housing solutions for every kind of necessity: three-room and four-room flats with private gardens and basement rooms, two-room and three-room flats on the first floors with deep terraces, and two single independent villas.
Dwelling in Fontanile Residence means living unique originals houses, each different from the others for dimension and disposal. The inner locations open themselves to wide gardens and terraces, made for living like real open spaces.
Ideas become reality
The residence “Il Fontanile” was born in order to conjugate architectural beauty and constructive quality. It is dynamic and elegant, decorated by inserts made of great materials and accurate architectural choices, which take form in an ideal project.
Gardens are used only for the ground floor apartments, while the first floor ones benefit of wide terraces with flowerpots realized during the construction. The pitch roof, scanned by dividing walls made of geo stone, reaches a maximum height of 4,30 meters, offering luminosity to the inner spaces.
The match between the front colours, in harmony with the tonality of the materials, and the lighting system merges in a unique residence: this is the right solution for people who are looking for an exclusive and comfortable house.
The housing units enjoy greater qualitative standards, thanks to the systems selections and the choice of materials with high energy performances.
A technological heart
Perimetric surfaces with cladding at high lagging performances.
Refreshing installation with hydronic system.
The last generation heating system is powered by autonomous heating pumps well-supported by a photovoltaic system for every housing unit.
High efficient heated floor system.
Doors and windows with low-releasing dual glazings, filled with argon gas.
The glass surfaces exposition looks towards south in order to exploit the solar gains.
Dividing doors are made of a double structure with thermo - acoustical insulation, created to grant a high protection against noises coming from the neighbouring unites.