2011 / Attic recovery and home renovation

The renovation regards the creation of a residential-housing unit on the first floor and the partial renovation of the ground floor.

One stairwell, made of brick completely open and placed at south, lets the access to the upper floor, while the entrance to the new unit is delimited by a reinterpretation of the patio element which, in conjunction with the bordering terrace and the perfect orientation, allows its use also during the intermediate seasons.

The target of this project was mainly to work on the heights and on the inclining pitches, in order to make the inside and outside space of this architectural building become more articulated.

A change in the floor and in the ceiling line (located slanting to the building) scans the division between living and sleeping area, while the useful scaffolding surface has been drawn to obtain the compartments requested by the customer, in order to obtain an appropriate comfort.

The project acquires in its conception the strictness suggested by the pre-existences, however offering a series of actions aimed to make the building unique, like the new lilac plasters which define the north and south macro volumes.

The soffits, 12 cm wide, accompany the view to the same widths and sections of the rafters scanned in gutter; while the interior furnitures recall the simple and provençal style, which can be seen also in the façade tonalities.