2014 / Home renovation

The project takes in its concept the simplicity and the typology suggested from the existing object.

The intervention regards a wide upper cabinet centred on an inner body scale, acquired between an office and a home set at the ground floor.

The “Z” plant defines the inner space of the new housing unit, which twists and turns around the opening staircase volume. A series of steps, completely set down embossed on an artisan structure made of iron, lets the achievement to the upper floor, while a tempered crystal board walk connects the living zone to the dining room/kitchen with an extreme lightness.

The wide glass walls, aligned to the lower ones, let the light seep in from any side transversely, involving the person set inside as the main character in the surrounding territory.

A wide terrace spreads through the big gash of the south wall situated in the dining room/kitchen; this one represents a strong and well-defined space, projected with a triple view to the garden.

The white coloured soffits of the windows and the doors, with the aluminium motorized sun-blind, enhance the tense fronts. These ones, painted with the same tenuous colour of the facing brick convergences situated at the ground floor, give to the building an excellent chromatic balance.