2015 / Renovation and enlargement

The project involves the renovation and the enlargement of a 70's single-family villa, as well as the creation of an annexed residential unity, located on the same floor of the existing structure.

Right from the start, the client has requested a complete reinterpretation of the building image, requiring a deep review of the existing architectural lines, typical of the Milanese hinterland rural houses built during those years.

The simple spatial joint of the original structure allowed a rational and modern redefinition of the built space, both in drawing and in façade.

The traditional pitched roof tile left place to a paving floor, strictly/precisely emphasized in correspondence of the gutter tables, thanks to a belt zone, made of white bush hammered cement, which passes along the perimeter of the new roofing.

The enlargement zone, situated at south of the building, is projected with force towards the garden: the south front is delimited by narrow rectangular pillars, which are linked to the belt zone like an ideal extension. All of this confers a new impulse to the entire building.

A splayed floor, located above the terrace, permits a more enlightening contribution to the living space; while wide glass walls, equipped with spherical solar shadings, filter the zenith light during the summer times.

The quick view, which goes through the street façade and is delimited by the straight belt zone, is interrupted only in correspondence of the transversal body, located in relief compared to the upholstery.

The peculiarity of the transverse volume is suggested by the tile covering, made of ultra slim plates. This one, producing a strong contrast with the colour and the material, helps to highlight the entrances positions to the housing units.