Cemetery monuments

The cemetery monument is the last solid product which connects alive and dead people, in a deep meditation and silent moment.
Celebratory elements which look back at the past and the deceased; the monument, beyond the sentimental mark, marks the pass away from earth to heaven, from life to eternity.
Shapes and signs proposed by the Studio are essential, monolithic in order to re-mark the sense of permanence on earth, which remains beyond the passage of time and death.
Perceiving the deceased’s peculiarities, his beloved wills and transforming them into a unique and commemorative memorial is a hard mission.
The project usually develops itself in a tight relation with the relatives, in balance between sensations and sensitivities post mortem.
The sheets are mostly chosen directly from blocks for the identification of appropriate thicknesses, finding the tonality and shades which re-invoke the affinity with the deceased.
The result is UNIQUE marble and granite works with a strong personality, studied millimeter by millimeter, which make the monument impossible to be replayed.